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Mykonos is known as the island of the winds and it does not disappoint! Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, this gem of the Aegan is picture perfect Greece with white washed houses, cobblestone streets, and a party scene that pumps well into sunrise.

We said goodbye to Athens and hello to the island life as we boarded our ferry and traveled to Mykonos. The ferry is an experience in itself. These things are massive and when it comes to shuffling cargo, both humans and cars, on and off, the Greeks do not mess around. If you plan to do some island hopping, it's best to travel with carry on luggage so you can manage well on your own.

There are lots of steps, it's very crowded, and everyone wants to go, go, go, and fast, fast, fast! While getting on the ferry, they are loading moving cars, we even encountered people carrying cats! We got on the ferry and found our seats. It was actually more luxurious and way nicer than I expected. There is a bar serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as snacks and breakfast foods. Before you can even find your seat, the ferry is already in motion, like I said, these people mean business!

Consider this your warning, if you are prone to sea sickness, plan ahead with some dramamine or a patch. I am not bothered by sea sickness but on our 3 hour journey to Mykonos, I would say 90% of the boat was. The seas were very, very, rough and at one point, the bathrooms were closed for cleaning - major yuck. I sat in a swivel chair near the bow of the boat, sipping my Chardonnay, watching the waves splash and the sea spray cover the windows. I felt like I was on a tilt a whirl at the carnival with my swivel chair turning 180 degrees to a full 360 depending on the boat. I channeled my inner explorer, imagining the day I would be on a cruise, crossing the Drake Passage, bound for Antartica! But for now, the 4 foot seas to Mykonos would have to do!

We made it to Mykonos and getting off the ferry, we were greeted with warm breezes and dry air about 75 degrees, even in September. On our short bus ride to Paradise Beach Club, the landscape reminded me of California, it was arid and dry, not many trees and all of the homes were white washed. Jimmy told us there was an ordinance on the island and all of the roofs had to be painted blue, green, or red. I would totally pick a blue one. Pulling into Paradise Beach Club, we were all excited that we got upgraded rooms to Super Paradise Beach Club!

Yeah for upgrades.

The rooms were basic and nice and clean and we had a nice little deck and ocean view. After setting down our luggage, the group headed over to the restaurant for a bit to eat. Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce hit the spot along with a Mojito and it was off for some R & R by the pool and then off to the beach club.

It was early September and "the season" was winding down. Every celebrity DJ you could imagine passed through the club that summer as the parties raged well into the night and even past sunrise. A little past my party days, I was thankful things were a little slower. Sitting on one of the beach chairs starring at the Aegan Sea with Mojito in hand was more my speed these days. But when in Greece.... it was fun but the party ended at 2am for me! Several went on to the next club and came home at sunrise but I on the other hand preferred some beauty sleep!

The next morning I woke up before most of the club and hit breakfast, which was included in our stay. This was definitely my favorite breakfast spread so far. A mixture of American and Greek foods, it was the perfect pick for someone who doesn't really love breakfast. And the cappaccino machine was amazing!

I had some relaxing pool time, taking in the breathtaking views while the rest of the troops rallied for breakfast more like a late lunch at this point! With everyone fueled up, we were heading to Old Town Mykonos, Chora. I was excited to see the cobblestone streets, windmills, and get some shopping in.

Entering Old Town is like going into a labryrinth of cobblestone streets, white washed buildings, and cats galore. Fortunately I like all animals including cats, because their was a cat around every turn. The Greeks seemed to care for these cats of the island, with water and food bowls for them scattered through the narrow streets.

Old Town is also a shoppers paradise with stores offering every cliche Greek souvenir you can think of and stores with Greek Linen shirts and other handmade items. There is also designer row with stores like Gucci tempting Americans to buy with a pretty good savings and cash back at customs. I don't usually take my passport out of the hotel but you will need it here if you intend to make an expensive purchase!

The wind is for real here. It was a bit chilly when you weren't in the sun, maybe 65 degrees, but the wind made it cold. I was determined to rock my blue and white "Greek" dress but I wore a pair of shorts underneth and was thankful I did since the wind blew my dress up several times.

Passing through one of the streets, I saw a sign that read Cocktails, like the one from the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail and being not so secretly in love with Tom Cruise, I decided I was worn out from the wind and this was the perfect place to stop.

Just like Athens, the drinks on Mykonos did not disappoint. I had a scrumptious little martini concoction that hit the spot. Cocktails also happened to be right next door to Kostros, the famous place in Mykonos where the waves crash through the alley and you can see the windmills in the distance. Cocktail had a nice little balcony with a similar view. The beauty of Greece is just breathtaking and I had to once again pitch myself that I'm actually here after so many canceled trips!

After my cocktail it was time to wind through the cobblestone streets and make my way to Nice and Easy, a dinner spot on the water with a perfect seat for a spectacular sunset. The sunsets in Greece are something like no other! Every one is perfect and different and if you love sunsets as much as I do, you want to make sure you grab your cocktail and get a good seat for an unforgettable show. I was lucky enough to have eight sunsets in Greece and I remember every one!

Nestled on a rocky beach with a front row view of the sunset, Nice and Easy offered a little bit of everything and I settled on mussels, lobster, and another glass of $5 Chardonnay.

With a couple of linen shirts for my crew back home and my favorite souvenir, memories, the sun had set on our last night in Mykonos and tomorrow we would off to Ios.

Ios, pronounced Eeee-os is one of the up and coming islands in the Cyclades.

Just a short 30 minute ferry ride from Mykonos, you'll find a lively party scene, hill top villages, and beautiful beaches.

Let's catch the next ferry and see why all of the cool kids are calling Ios, the island to be!

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