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MOM MILES (published in Milton Neighbor Magazine)

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I’ve been to 26 countries, 48 states and as my Been App likes to smirk, that’s only 14% of the world.

But as captain of the Struggle Bus, I’ve racked up enough Mom Miles to circle planet Earth three times over and then some!

What are Mom Miles you ask? Mom take me to school, Mom take me to practice, Mom take me to get food, Mom take me to my party, my friend’s house, my game! All those moms, all those take me, take mes, all those thankless miles getting nothing in return but miles on your ride.

Yep, that’s Mom Miles.

And speaking of my ride, Big Bertha is about the biggest, most expensive, American made SUV around and my kids treat it like a rolling dumpster. Despite the fact I have the unlimited car wash plan, five minutes after Bertha gets bathed she’s once again littered with the leftovers of three kids.

Cup holders are not to hold your athletic cup, the trunk is not a containment facility for smelly sweatshirts and socks, you don’t need blankets in the car and stop taking my charger! It’s pink, it’s sparkly and it’s mine. Unplug it from my car one more time and the stuff is GONNA GET REAL!

And when Hubby tries to clean out my car himself, the crap really goes down. I call it litter with a purpose. The Chick Fil A bag doubles as a trash can, the leftover napkins in the center console are lifesavers cause somethings always getting spilled, and the empty Gatorade bottle doubles as a toliet and sometimes gets forgotten in a cup holder which is why we don’t ever drink the yellow Gatorade, like ever. Boy mom probs, that’s another story.

Racking up an average of 500 miles a week, think of all the places I could go with my Mom Miles!

We could have driven to Africa and explored Kenya on our own Safari. Then we could have rolled on and explored The Great Sphinx of Giza, driven across the Great Wall of China, hit Down Under and rescued koalas! We’d still have so many miles left we could head south of the border for Taco Tuesday for the rest of the year!

And in just a few years I could be a card carrying, VIP, million mile member, driving first class anywhere in the world. But instead, I’m just collecting more miles driving the friendly roads of Milton with an occasional trip out of town.

It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of driving but not all of it is thankless miles. Over the miles and over the years the car is also where my kids and I have had our deepest, most meaningful conversations. You’re all together, there is nothing else to do, so turn off the radio and listen to what they have to say!

Enjoy the ride and enjoy your milestones because unlike Skymiles, Mom Miles do have an expiration date.

Although currently social distancing like the rest of world you can follow Lisa’s travel blog on or on her travel blog at and get ideas for your next adventure

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