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One Day in Paradise ST. KITTS

When Christopher Columbus was on one of his voyages to North America, he discovered the island of St. Kitts. He was so found of the tiny island he named it after himself. It doesn't take much to fall in love with the Federation of St. Christopher, also known as St. Kitts! Dolphins, some scenic views and bar hopping - one day in paradise certainly lived up to its name.

Making friends at Dolphin Discovery

If you love dolphins you will love swimming with them in the semi-wild at Dolphin Discovery. If you ever swam with the dolphins at Atlantis, this takes dolphins to a whole new level! After a brief introduction, you are broken up into small groups of about 7 and assigned a dolphin. You get to hug your dolphin, kiss your dolphin, dance with your dolphin. Your dolphin pushes you across the lagoon and you get to hold onto the dolphins fins and get an incredible ride. It's an amazing experience! I booked ahead online and all of our pictures came with the price we paid.

After our dolphin experience, we rode across the hills of St. Kitts and twisty roads until we came to Timothy Hill, a high vista where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. It is rather crowded but if you wait patiently, you can get a good picture!

Timothy Hill where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean

First stop on our bar hopping tour was Shipwreck. Shipwreck Bar and Grill in South Friars Bay certainly lives up to it's name. With it's rustic charm, it's a perfect spot for a salty pirate or mermaid to grab a cold one and watch the waves go by. Keep an eye out for monkeys, the little critters are running around everywhere!

Our next stop, Spice Mill on Cockleshell Beach. The food was amazing and the views of Nevis, breathtaking. A huge sandy beach where conches wash up, it's a great spot for kids to play and adults to indulge in tropical beverage.

Cockleshell Beach with Nevis in the background

We had an amazing cab driver who picked us up and dropped us off at each spot and got us back to where we needed to be on time. We had an amazing time in St. Kitts - on my list to go back for sure!

Every great day ends with a monkey on your head

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