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This little piggy went to the islands...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Looking for a fun and exciting day trip from Nassau or Paradise Island? Powerboat Adventures is your ticket! We have been to Atlantis dozens, yes dozens of times but have barely ventured off the island. We booked Powerboat Adventures to Exuma with our family of five and it did not disappoint.

We booked Powerboat Adventures online with our family of five, 2 adults, and 3 kiddies 11, 10 and 7. It's not a cheap day but it is well worth the cost! It's a full day of adventures with a powerboat ride to Exuma, swimming with the pigs, feeding iguanas, swimming with sharks and all of your food and drinks are included. For a family of five, I did have have some sticker shock, but when you factor in all of the activities and the cost of food and drinks, it's well worth it, the crew works super hard to make sure you are having your best day ever!

So, our first time, our kids wanted to be first in line, first on the boat and first in the first row. BIG MISTAKE. It's about a 90 minute ride and after 5 minutes all I heard was I can't feel my lips, they are being blown apart, I want a different seat, let's switch now! Too late Chunkies, all seats are taken and your lips are being blow apart because you insisted on being in the front row! Enjoy the view, we'll get chapstick later, you're stuck in your seat! Once you pick you seat, every seat is full, would not recommend front seat unless you want your lips blown apart for 90 minutes!

With some lips left, we landed in the first island of the Exumas about 90 minutes later. We were surrounded by the bluest water I have ever seen and even my beach spoiled children were in awe at the clearness of the water! When the boat dock, you are in waist high water and you will get wet, like it or not! We got our grapes and descended on Iguana Island to feed the critters! You are on an island with wild iguanas but keep in mind they are used to being fed and can get a little aggressive. The older two handled it like champs, but my youngest - 7 1/2 was a little scared by the iguanas. Everyone survived and got back on the boat without a scratch as we made our way to our final destination.

It was only a few miles to go but our

captain made the most of it! Miami Vice theme song blaring, donuts a going, everyone was having the time of their lives and then it was time to dock in the Exumas for the day everyone had been waiting for!

We were surrounded by the most beautiful beaches we had every seen - on a remote island in the Exumas. Drinks were flowing, lunch was grilling and pigs were about to be running! Here is what we had been waiting for!

Ok, some things I wish I knew before I went! The pigs are BIG, I mean BIG, not a cute little piggy, pick'um up, cuddle him. I mean a big pig screaming BACON! When they are called, they come a running just like little puppies, running into the ocean towards you and the first thing they do is POOP!

I highly recommend water shoes cause there are floaters EVERYWHERE! Yep, big poopin' pigs, that's pretty much your experience with the swimming pigs of the Bahamas. Our two boats had a good 80 people so your insta perfect pig shot is in competition with others and don't forget the poop!

After several minutes passed, the crowds thinned and the strong were able to get their insta perfect poop-free shot of their beautiful self and pig in paradise, I snapped several of these shots of my Chunkies, my own pig shot had crowds and some floaters in the background!

After this experience, I will say, the fun in the sun and rum is potent! Do be careful or you will be hammered in no time and up next is swimming with sharks which makes sense as to why so many people partake!

After an amazing lunch, we said Adios to the swimming pigs, sharks, stray dogs of Exuma and boarded our 90 minute powerboat ride back to Nassau, this time sitting in the back undercover.

Every member of the family fell asleep on the way back. This was eight hours of thrills, adventures and great food and great drinks! It had everyone saying - BEST DAY EVER!

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